Travel information

The following information will provide you with information about traveling to Zambia.

1. e-Visa

Eligible applicants can apply for a visitor’s visa to Zambia via the Immigration department on this link

2. Getting around

There are a number of privately run transport modes that you can use to get around while in Lusaka, the best mode would be a Taxi. See the following link for more 

3. Accommodation

There are a range of accommodation options available for visitors. Within a radius of 1km of the conference venue are two well regarded hotels; Radison Blu  and Protea hotels. Other options include; lodges as well as private accommodations on the popular Air bnb 

4. Food and culture

For those interested in experiencing the Zambian food and culture, there are well-known places with that are worth visiting a few Kms away from the conference venue such as Kabwata Cultural village  and Arcades shopping center Sunday market

5. General tourism

The Zambian Tourism website provides a great wealth of information on a number of activities and places to visit while in Zambia. Visit Zambia Tourism website here

6. Emergency

In case of an emergency, the following are contact numbers for the emergency services in Zambia;

  • General emergency – 999.
  • Police – 991.
  • Lusaka, Central Police Station – 0211 220006.
  • Lusaka, Central Fire Station – 0211 220180.
  • Lusaka, Ambulance Service – 0211 220180.
  • National Telephone Operator – 100.
  • National Directory – 102.
  • International Operator – 090

You are also encouraged to maintain contacts of the conference organisers